Your Knowledge Base About Cryptocurrency Casinos​ was launched in 2020 as a resource for transparent reviews of cryptocurrency casinos, as well as for creating educational content in the fields of gambling and cryptocurrencies. The site is in constant development and improvement of both content and gaming experience. Join me and let’s make the crypto gambling world better!

Website's Mission

The main goal of the site is to collect as much useful information as possible for beginners and experienced players who use cryptocurrency for gambling. 

Who is behind Bitcasinorank?

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Hi! My name is Alex, also known as Road Lexx. I got into the gambling industry in 2017 and instantly fell in love with it. Before that, I knew nothing about casinos and had never played any games of chance. I started as a content manager on a large European affiliate site, the name of which I cannot reveal now. Since the casino field quickly fascinated me, I worked hard. As a result, I was quickly promoted to the affiliate manager. Through daily communication with representatives of casinos and game developers, I have gained a lot of experience in the industry.


Three years later, in 2020, I felt I was ready to start my own business, so this site was created. Another year later, I reached the level of income that allowed me to quit my job and devote even more time to Bitcasinorank. I am constantly working to improve the site, stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the gambling industry, and develop as an SEO specialist.

Let’s stay in touch

I’m available 24/7, so if you have any partnership suggestions, casino complaints, or just want to chat about gambling or cryptocurrencies, my contacts are listed below:



Affiliate Disclosure

Bitcasinorank is an affiliate website. This means that I earn a part of casino revenue from the players that have used my website for casino registration. Please note, that this doesn’t affect your profits.  On the contrary, on my website, you can find exclusive offers from casinos that are not available through direct registration. 

Affiliate sites are an essential part of casino marketing if a brand wants to be successful. Such sites are engaged in training and dissemination of truthful information about games, casinos, and, in general, teach gambling. At least some of them are for sure. And I want to believe that my site is one of those. 

In my reviews, I try to be objective and give complete information about the casino with all the positive and negative sides. Also, users can leave feedback on the brands presented on the site. I can safely say that the size of my reward received from casinos does not affect their place in the site’s ranking. 

My goal was and will be to convey truthful and semi-complete information to users.

Responsible Gambling

I support the concept of responsible gambling and encourage everyone to take help if they need it. You can read more about safer gambling and find contacts of organizations on the responsible gambling page.

Bitcasinorank’s Certificates is a certified member of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association. It shows that the site has committed to following strict guidelines created to ensure the highest ethical standards are kept at all times and in all situations, including in the running of this website.

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