Bitcoin Scratch Cards: The Definitive Guide

The crypto gambling community has always loved instant games. Dice, crash, slots, all these games give an instant result. But there is one game that crypto gamblers underestimate. These are scratch cards.


Bitcoin Scratch Cards have all the attributes of a good crypto game. The result is instant, the RTP is high, and some cards support the Provably Fair algorithm. Despite the positive qualities, scratchies are not very common in crypto casinos. And online casinos that specialize in Bitcoin scratchers can be counted on the fingers of one hand. 


This guide will tell you where to find unique scratch games and what bonuses you can get for them.

Where to play Bitcoin Scratcher?

How to play Bitcoin Scratchies?

Scratch tickets first appeared in the 70s of the 20th century. Since then, they have managed to go from ordinary pieces of paper to blockchain programs. Despite this, the essence of the game has not changed at all. The whole process of the game can be divided into three steps:

Buy tickets

Choose the cost of the card (bet size) and purchase the desired number of tickets.


Erase the "protective" layer of the card by dragging the mouse over it. Or click the "Show Result" button. If you match three symbols, then you win.

Verify the results.

If the scratch card you chose is provably fair, verify the round outcome.

Win combination on the Bitcoin-themed scratch card


Scratch cards, like any gambling game, are random. 99.9% of success in it depends on luck. But there are a few tips to help you play more effectively.

Choose a card with the highest RTP.

RTP is the theoretical return to the player. A typical rate for scratch games is 96-97%.

Buy tickets in bulk.

Treat the game of scratches like slots. After all, the chances of winning with one ticket are minimal. In addition, you can get several cards for free to purchase several at once.

Try a scratch card game in demo mode. 

Most online scratch games are free to try. This way, you can fully explore the game before depositing real money.

Check if your casino offers scratch bonuses. 
Please, play responsibly.

Set a budget for the game ahead of time that you're willing to lose, and don't go overboard. If you are experiencing problems with gambling, please seek help.

Bitcoin Scratch Cards Types

There are several types of crypto scratch tickets. Let’s take a closer look at each of them. 


As surprising as it may sound, Bitcoin Scratchies have physical counterparts. This is a plastic or paper card by erasing the protective layer on which you can access a Bitcoin wallet. This wallet may contain a certain amount, or there will be nothing.


Crypto online scratch cards are different from physical ones and are more like those cards that you can buy at a grocery store or a gas station. But you can purchase such cards for cryptocurrency.

Provably Fair Scratch Cards

These are a subtype of online scratch tickets that support the Provably Fair algorithm. After each round, you can check if the game was truly random in these cards. Unfortunately, there are very few such cards: Scratch from Spribe studio and Casino scratchies.

Bitcoin Scratcher Bonuses

Incredible competition reigns in the world of crypto casinos, and brands are trying, by all means, to persuade the client to play with them. Bonuses are one of the methods of such attraction. And to satisfy as many players as possible, bonuses are given for various games, including scratch tickets. 


No Deposit Bonuses


In some casinos, you can get several scratch cards just for registering at the casino. This is a great way to test a brand and decide whether or not to deposit real money to play. And of course, there is always a chance to win something even in no deposit bonuses.


Welcome Bonuses


You need to make your first deposit at the casino to receive the welcome bonus. But accordingly, the reward will be higher than a no deposit bonus. Most often, there are two types of such prizes. You can get a few dozen tickets for a deposit or a deposit match, which you can spend on scratchies.  


Reload Bonuses


You can receive reload bonuses many times with some periodicity. For example, once a week, a month, etc. As a reward, either a deposit match or free cards are given. A bonus is often common when you get a couple of cards for free for buying X cards. Such a bonus is good because it is valid consistently, and you do not have to wait a week before it is updated.

The most popular Bitcoin Scratch Card Games

There are many great Bitcoin Scratchers out there. But to make it easier to start, I advise you to pay attention to these three titles.


Scratch by SpribeThis title from the game provider Spribe has one of the highest RTP among scratch cards – 97%. The game’s design is minimalistic, like other games of the studio. The game field is non-standard size 4×3. 

The game supports the Provably Fair algorithm, which is a rarity for mass game developers.


Mega Miner

Mega Miner by 8Bet.ioMega Minder is an exclusive title from casino. Scratch card with standard 3×3 layout. The game is noteworthy with a maximum win of 2 BTC and the presence of Provably Fair.

You can buy tickets in this game only for cryptocurrency. DOGE, BTC, BCH, DASH, LTC, XMR, and ZEC are supported. The scratch theme is Crypto Mining.



Wolf Gold 1000000

Wolf Gold 1000000 by Pragmatic PlayWolf Gold is one of the most popular scratch games developed by Pragmatic Play. The card’s main feature is the maximum possible win of $1,000,000. But, because of this, the game has a low RTP with a range of 67.03% – 74.48%.

If you manage to hit the jackpot, then the winnings will be converted into the currency of your casino account at the current rate.


Advantages of playing Scratchies with crypto


Crypto scratchers have some advantages over fiat counterparts. You won’t find these exclusive benefits in other games.


Exclusive titles


If you play for cryptocurrency, in addition to all the usual scratch cards, you get access to exclusive titles.


Availability of the Provably Fair algorithm


Some Bitcoin Scratchies allows players to verify the outcome of each round. Thanks to this, you can personally make sure that the game is fair and genuinely random. You can verify the results using special third-party services.


Best coins for scratch tickets

From the whole variety of cryptocurrencies, several are best for playing scratch cards.



Bitcoin was and remained the #1 cryptocurrency. This is also true for crypto gambling. Almost 100% of crypto casinos support this crypto, so you won’t have problems finding where to play scratch games. 



Tether is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar. Choosing this cryptocurrency for playing scratch, you will not be afraid of correcting the Bitcoin exchange rate. Thus, all your winnings up to a cent will remain safe. But, it will also not be able to grow along with the crypto price. 


Tether is ideal for beginners, giving access to all the advantages of cryptocurrencies without the disadvantage of volatility.


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