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Cookies are used by (“We,” “Us,” “Our,” the “Website”). As stated when you first enter our website, by accessing and using it with your browser’s settings configured to accept cookies, you consent to the use of cookies.


This Cookie Policy describes what cookies are, how and why we use both our own and third-party cookies on our website, and what your cookie options are, or what you can do if you do not want to accept cookies from us.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are text snippets that websites you visit send to your computer browser. The website or a third party can recognize you thanks to a cookie file stored in your browser, which makes your subsequent visits simpler and the services more beneficial to you. Although personal information that We maintain about You may be connected to the data stored in and obtained through cookies, cookies do not normally contain any information that directly identifies a user. The same conditions outlined in the Privacy Notice shall apply if the cookies contain Personal Data. Depending on how long they remain on Your browser after being set, cookies can be either “session” or “permanent.” As long as your browser is active, session cookies will remain in effect. When you close your browser, they become invalid. Depending on which happens first, persistent cookies expire after a predetermined period of time or when you manually delete them from Your browser.

Types of Cookies


There are many different uses for cookies. Cookies can be categorized into four groups based on their intended use:


✓ Cookies that are strictly necessary to use the website, navigate it, and take full use of its features are those that are required. The websites couldn’t function correctly without these.


✓ Performance cookies – These cookies are used to gather information about how users interact with a website, providing website operators with insight into user behavior. That makes it possible for them to enhance the website’s operation.

✓ Cookies with functional purposes – These cookies let websites remember choices you make, such the language you prefer. They let websites to remember your preferences so you don’t have to alter them each time you visit.

✓ Cookies used for targeting and/or advertising – These cookies are used to offer you advertisements that are more pertinent to you.

Cookies we Use


Here is the list of cookies used on our website.


Cookie name





Third Party

Cookies used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.



Third Party

Cookie used by Google Analytics to throttle request rate.



Third Party

Cookies used by Google Analytics to distinguish users.



Third Party

A cookie is used to send data to Google Analytics.



Third Party

Cookies are used by Google to remember users’ preferences and other information, such as preferred country, number of search results per page, and SafeSearch preferences.



Trird Party

Cookie used by Hotjar to show how users interact with the website

Persistent, up to 2 years

Read more about Google and Hotjar Cookies:

How to manage Cookies


The majority of modern web browsers provide you the option to manage cookies through their settings and preferences. You can choose to disable cookies or configure your browser to notify you when cookies are transmitted. You can set your browser to block cookies from being placed and remove any existing cookies from your machine. However, if you do this, some website choices may need to be manually adjusted each time you visit, and some services and functionalities might not function. You can learn more on how to manage cookies in your browser:


✓ Google Chrome (Desktop and Mobile) –


✓ Mozilla Firefox – 


✓ Microsoft Edge – 


✓ Safari (Desktop) – 


✓ Safari (Mobile) –


✓ Opera –

Last updated on 12.11.2022