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Do you know that in a crypto casino, you can not only spend but also earn money? And I’m not talking about the opportunity to win in a gambling game, but about actual earnings. And this is possible thanks to the offerwall. 

Offerwall is a type of advertising that rewards users for specific actions. This is often installing applications on your smartphone, registering on a site, or reaching a certain level in a mobile game. For performing these actions, users receive points, which can then be converted into cryptocurrency and withdrawn. 

You can find many such sites on the Internet, but crypto casinos with offerwall are rare. You may wonder why a casino would implement such a feature at all? First, it is an additional source of income. After all, the advertiser pays a commission to the site for placing offers. Secondly, it is another source of traffic that brings new users who can turn into players. But users can also benefit from having an offer on the casino site. For example, you can save some money by completing tasks and then placing a bet in one of the casino games. If you’re lucky, you can earn more. 

I managed to find three crypto casinos where the offerwall is available.


Roobet Logo

Roobet is a trendy crypto casino known primarily for its crash game. In addition, you can also play slots, scratch cards, and other casino games here. But many people know Roobet as a site where you can earn some money by completing tasks from the offerwall. They are located on the “Cashier” tab, in the “Free” section. The set of offers is standard: install an application, reach a certain level in the game, make a deposit at another casino, etc. All vital information is presented in the table below.

Launched in:2018
Min Withdrawal:$10
Available crypto:BTC, ETH, LTC
Exchange Ratio:Lottably: 1 point = $1; Offertoro: 100 points = $1


GraB.TC logo

Just like Cointiplay, GraB.TC keeps the main focus on earning cryptocurrency. But users can spend what they earn in a couple of gambling games. The first is a lottery, and the second is the Investment game. The first game is easy. Buy tickets and if you get a winning one, then take the prize. The second game offers to bet and guess where the Bitcoin price will go up or down. If you guessed right, you got a win of x1.3. If you don’t, then the bet burns out. All vital information about the site is given in the table below.

Launched in:2020
Min Withdrawal:0.00008 BTC
Available crypto:BTC
Exchange Ratio:1 bit = 1 Satoshi


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