Betfury is a trendy crypto casino famous for giving away free crypto and making cool in-house games. One of the most popular such games is Crash. If this is not your first day in the world of crypto gambling, then you know what this game is, and if not, then check out our guide.

Key Features

Year launched2019
Min Cashout Multiplier1.01
House Edge4%
Provably FairYES
Min bet1 Satoshi
Max bet
0.04602568 BTC
Max Profit
0.92051364 BTC
Auto ModeYES

How to play Betfury Crash?

As for the basic gameplay, Crash by Betfury is no different from other crash games. First, you define the cryptocurrency and the size of the bet you want to make. Then press the “Bet” button and join the next round. Your task is to press the “Cashout” button before the Raccoon crashes on the rocket. That’s all. Sounds very simple, but believe me, it’s super fun.

Betfury Crash Gameplay


Betfury lets you automate your game. You can determine the multiplier at which the game should be stopped, as well as the number of bets, when to stop the auto game, and by what % to reduce or increase your bet in case of a loss or win. If you like calculating odds and trying out different strategies (that don’t work), then you’ll love this mode.

Betfury Crash Autobet Mode

Is it possible to play Betfury Crash for free?

Yes! You can not just play for free but even win some crypto without spending a penny. This is possible thanks to Betfair boxes or, as it is correct to call them, faucets. In this site section, you can collect a little crypto daily. Among the available tokens are:

  • FunFury (Up to 8000 FUNFURY daily).
  • BFG Token (Up to 1.8 BFG daily)
  • Binance Coin (Up to 0.000099 BNB)
  • Bitcoin (Up to 0.00000089 BTC)

All tokens except FunFury are real money that you can use to bet on various games, including Crash.

Betfury Boxes


Crash by Betfury hosts a progressive jackpot. This super prize goes to the first person to collect a total multiplier of x20,000. For example, if you cash out on x2, you get 1 point, 1.05 – 0.05 points, and so on. The winner is the one who collects 20,000 first.

Betfury Crash Strategy

Check out this video that describes the best Betfury Crash Strategies.

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