NFT Megaways

NFT Megaways

Where to play NFT Megaways with crypto

NTF. Is there a person in 2021 who does not know what these 3 letters mean? If there are any, NFT stands for non-fungible token. They became widespread in 2020 and are experiencing an incredible boom in 2021. People use them mainly as proof of ownership of a particular digital object. It can be anything: music, video, image. The most popular NFTs are Everydays – The First 5000 Days (sold for $69m), Nyan Cat (sold for 300ETH), and of course CryptoPunks (the most expensive one was $11.7m).
It was the Punks that served as the inspiration for the new slot from Red Tiger – NFT Megaways. The developers have chosen the perfect time for the release of the game when the industry is experiencing an unprecedented rise, and the sales continue breaking records.

Slot Overview

NFT Megaways is a video slot made in pixel art style, which takes us to the distant era of 8-bit games. As soon as the game starts, immediately there are associations with the launch of a cartridge of some shooter on the NES. But of course, the main theme of the slot is crypto. Among the symbols, you can recognize the main crypto memes, as well as key figures for the industry. Among them are Cyber Truck, Mona Lisa, Diamond Hand, Twitter Bird, and Doge (to the moon, by the way). CryptoPunks are Wild Symbols. There are 4 of them: #914, #4701, #8143, #3008. Whether the studio bought them is not reported anywhere.
NFT Megaways Start Screen
The music in the game is as beautiful as the visuals. Until you spin the reels, the sound is slightly muffled, as if you had paused a computer game. But as soon as you press the spin button, a cool chiptune beat will play. And you do not want it to be interrupted, but for this, you need to spin the reels incessantly. Well done, Red Tiger, you got me.
The appearance and sound of the slot are great. What about the technical side? Everything here is also on top. The game has 6 rows and up to 7 reels, plus CryptoPunk Bar on top. Thanks to the Megaways mechanic players can get up to 200,704 paylines. The volatility is HIGH, so the wins are less frequent but higher. The RTP is 95.66% by default but like any other slot from Red Tiger, it has the RTP range starting from 91%. Don’t forget to check the RTP in your casino. The maximum multiplier that you can get in this game is limited to x10499.60.

NFT Megaways Jackpot

If the maximum possible winnings do not seem big enough for you, then there is a way to win more. Like all new games from Red Tiger, NTF Megaways will be connected to the Daily Drop jackpot network. Thanks to this you have a chance to win one of the available jackpots
  • Daily Drop. This is a progressive jackpot that must drop every day before 23:00 GMT.
  • Hourly Drop. This jackpot has the same mechanic as a daily jackpot but it drops every hour.
  • Rapid / Super / Mega. The name of this jackpot depends on the casino. It doesn’t have any limitations and can be won anytime.

NFT Megaways Jackpot

To win the jackpot you need to land 3 Jackpot symbols. This event will start a jackpot game where you will guarantee to win one of the available drops.
Please note, that the jackpot size depends on the casino. Each casino collects its own jackpot pull for Red Tiger jackpots. So, if you want to hunt a bigger jackpot you need to choose a popular online casino.

Slot Features

Features in NFT Megaways delight with their diversity. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and start with the Avalanche mechanics. It is also called Cascading Winnings. Its essence lies in the fact that the winning combination disappears from the reels, and new symbols fall in its place. This can lead to a new win or even a chain reaction.
Avalanche is, of course, only an appetizer. The main dish is CryptoPunks. These are Wild symbols that substitute for all other symbols. Punks appear only on the top reel which is called the Crypto Punks bar. When one of these symbols substitute for the low-paying symbol in a win line it collects all the symbols for the pay line and increases the multiplier by +1 for each symbol. Only 2 Crypto Punks can be on the same screen at the same time, and each of them is limited to a multiplayer x30. As soon as the Punk is part of the pay line with the high-paying symbols, it disappears.
NFT Megaways Free Spins
And of course. NFT Megaways has a Free Spins feature. It is called Crypto Spins and you need to land 3 scatters to activate them. 3 Crypto Spins symbols will give you 10 Free Spins and 5 more for each extra symbol. During the bonus round, the CryptoPunks feature receives an upgrade, and each Punk does not reset the multiplier until the end of the round.


Against the backdrop of recent releases from Red Tiger, NTF Megaways feels like a breath of fresh air. There is a certain drive in the game and it really gives me fun. Although the game is made on a very popular theme, it doesn’t feel like something made just for the hype. This is exactly the case when the hype thing is done as it should. All lovers of pixel art, chiptune, and memes are recommended to get acquainted.

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