Trust Dice Crash

Trust Dice Crash

In 2019, Trust Dice casinos launched an in-house crash game. A game has no specific name. To open the game, visit the tab called “Crash“.

Trust Dice Crash Overview

The game matches the site design and is colored purple. A growing multiplier looks like a regular graph without any additional animations. When the multiplier stops, it turns red, and “Crashed” appears. The break between rounds is 6 seconds.

TrustDice Crashed

Right below the graph, you can see the number of players online. All their actions are presented in the table on the right. You can see their bet, cryptocurrency, multiplier, and win / loss.

You can choose two levels of rates, high and low. Depending on the selected level, the size of the maximum win changes.

Bet Levels

A little below is the general history of the rounds and your one. You can switch between them at any time. If you scroll down a bit, you will find the wagering contest leaderboard.

The game has Auto mode where you can program the desired strategy.

TrustDice Crash


What is so special about Trust Dice Crush? The game has a high RTP of 98.5%. It supports a bunch of tokens: Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRUST, EOS, VITA, USDC, USDT. TrustDice Crash is Provably Fair, and you can verify the results yourself.

By playing crash here you can earn TXT tokens. By playing crash at Trust Dice, you can earn TXT tokens. Read more about how it works in the TXT Guide.

And the last but not least feature is the Wagering Contest. The ten players with the highest wager share a reward. The size of the reward depends on the total wager.

<2.5 BTC – 0.002 BTC prize
>2.5 BTC – 0.005 BTC prize

TrustDice Crash Verifier

Game’s Hash
Game’s Amount

Game’s hashCrash Point

How to verify the results?

Step 1. 

Go to “My Bets” and click on the bet you want to verify.

Verify Results Step 1

Step 2. 

Copy “Hash”

Verify Results Step 2

Step 3.

Paste the hash in the verifier on this page and click “Verify Crash Point”

Verify Results Step 3

Key Info



Year launched


Min Cashout Multiplier


House Edge


Provably Fair


Min bet (low)

0.000001 BTC, 0.001 EOS, 0.00002 ETH, 0.02 USDT/USDC, 2 TXT, 1 VITA

Max bet (low)

0.01 BTC, 10 EOS, 0.2 ETH, 200 USDT/USDC, 20000 TXT, 5000 VITA

Max Profit (low)

0.02 BTC, 20 EOS, 0.4 ETH, 400 USDT/USDC, 40000 TXT, 10000 VITA

Min bet (high)

0.00005 BTC, 0.1 EOS,  0.001 ETH, 1 USDT/USDC, 100 TXT

Max bet (high)

0.5 BTC, 1000 EOS, 10 ETH, 10000 USDT/USDC, 1000000 TXT

Max profit (high)

1 BTC, 2000EOS, 30 ETH, 20000 USDT/USDC, 2000000 TXT

Auto Mode


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