How to unlock BCD in BC.Game

In March 2022, BC.Game released an update of its most famous bonus, Lucky Spin. The main difference from the previous iteration of the wheel of fortune was the removal of JB tokens from possible prizes. Most often, everyone who spun this bonus wheel received a reward of 10000 JB, which cost nothing. They could be used to try the original BC.Game games. 


In the updated version of Lucky Spin, the base reward was replaced by 0.01 BCD, which is equal to 1 US cent. In addition, all users who used their Free Spin for the first time received 10 BCD. But do not be in a hurry to rejoice because the casino gives everyone free money. All BCD tokens you get from spinning the Wheel of Luck will be locked. Players can access them only if they fulfill the wagering requirements.


Although the casino explains how to do this, many players still have questions. So let’s look at an example of exactly how you can unlock your accumulated BCDs.


Here is the formula that is used for calculating the amount of unlocked BCD:

Unlock amount = wager amount * 1% * (20+5)%

For example, let’s calculate how much BCD we will get if we wager $100.


100*0.01*0.25 = 0.25 (BCD)


So, to unlock 1 BCD, you have to wager $400. But the minimum amount you can claim is 10 BCD which increases the minimum wager to get a reward up to $4000. So, simply put, this bonus has a wagering requirement of x400 which is way too high. Instead, you can find bonuses without wagering requirements. But depending on your level in the VIP Program, this wager can be reduced by 25%. For players with level 38+, the formula looks like this:

Unlock amount = wager amount * 1% * (20+5+25)%

Please note that the wager does not count if you place bets in BCD.

As it turned out the BC.Game bonus isn’t profitable and has insane wagering requirements. Instead, I advise you to try the Winz bonus that doesn’t have wagering requirements at all!


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