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Cryptocurrency wallet programs help interact with Web 3.0 resources, the most popular of which is Metamask. The first websites to integrate these programs were cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto casinos. Thus, a new category of gambling sites was born, called Metamask Casinos.

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Crypto Casinos that Accept Metamask

From the first day of its appearance, the Internet has constantly been evolving and continues to do so. This process is primarily manifested in the interaction of users with numerous websites. With each round of this evolution, this interaction becomes more effortless. Finally, thanks to blockchain technologies, we moved to the 3rd stage of Internet development – Web 3.0.

Metamask Gambling Guide

Crypto casinos with Metamask are just beginning to gain popularity, so finding them is not easy. But shortly, more and more crypto operators will start to integrate this wallet because Metamask on gambling sites solves two main problems that annoy players worldwide: the lengthy registration process and time-consuming deposits and withdrawals. But some knowledge is needed to gain access to the benefits of gambling with Metamask. And you will find all the necessary expertise for this in this detailed guide. And as always, we will start with the basic

What is Metamask?

Metamask is a hot cryptocurrency wallet originally created to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. However, today the list of networks is much broader and even includes BNB Chain. Users can use Metamask as both a browser extension and a mobile application. In addition to the functions of a crypto wallet, the application also allows you to interact with decentralized applications.  Over time, various sites began to use Metamask for quick registration or verification (login) of the user. Gambling sites were among the first resources to introduce login with Metamask. For a deeper understanding of the wallet features, I advise you to watch the video below.

What is a Metamask Crypto Casino?

Let’s find out what I actually mean by the term “Metamask Casino“. By and large, you can use Metamask to deposit and withdraw funds in any crypto casino by simply copying and pasting the wallet address. So what sets the real Metamask gambling site apart from the rest? The answer is integrating the wallet into the casino site functionality. Such integration can be implemented in two aspects: Use Metamask to register or log in to the casino. Integration of Metamask into casino cashier. It allows quickly make a deposit and withdraw funds from your account. Casinos usually implement both of these aspects, but users can use the wallet only for authorization in some cases like Betfury. Also, sometimes players can only deposit with Metamask.


Unfortunately, crypto casinos do not support Metamask’s interaction with all available tokens. Currently, the wallet is integrated with the following tokens: ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC. Unfortunately, it is impossible to connect Metamask with your Bitcoin balance because the wallet does not support this network.

Crypto Casino Authorization Progress

Top 3 Metamask Casinos

Even though Metamask is not so widespread in casinos, there are already some great brands. To make it easier for you to decide which casino to play, I have prepared a list of pros and cons for each token and operator.

Welcome Bonus:

350 Free Spins

No Wagering Requirements

Welcome Bonus:

180% up to $20,000


Welcome Bonus:

200 Free Spins

No Wagering Requirements

Best ETH Metamask Casino

If you are looking for a grand Ethereum casino that accepts Metamask, you should pay attention to Bitcasino. Bitcasino is a brand loved by crypto gamblers from all over the world. First of all, the casino stands out from the competition with an impeccable reputation. In addition, Bitcasino provides players with various bonuses and rewards that do not have wagering requirements! This casino is best suited for those who like to play slots from well-known game providers. They also have a good set of live casino games and the ability to bet on eSports.  Here are some other crucial casino benefits:

Registration and log in with Metamask.

Supports metamask casino payments. Both deposits and withdrawals are available.

Other tokens that can be used with Metamask: USDT.

And, of course, there are some drawbacks:

No Welcome Bonus for ETH players.

The casino may require you to undergo the KYC procedure.

Lack of classic crypto games like crash or dice.

Welcome Bonus:

350 Free Spins

No Wagering Requirements
Welcome Bonus:

200 Free Spins

No Wagering Requirements

Best Metamask USDT Casino

If you prefer gambling in stablecoins, particularly USDT, and are looking for a casino with Metamask integration, I advise At first glance, it may seem that this gambling site only allows you to bet on sports, but this is not the case. has an unsurpassed collection of slots of almost 3,000 titles and a bunch of live casino and table games. Just like its sister casino, distributes no wager prizes to users. Among other benefits, you can find:

Metamask can be used for account authorization.

Both deposits and withdrawals are available with Metamask.

Other tokens that can be used with Metamask: ETH and SOC.

The Welcome Bonus of 200 Wager-Free Spins for 200 USDT total wager amount.

The minimum deposit is only 10 USDT.

There are some cons as well:

You may need to verify your identity.

There are no Provably Fair crypto games.

Best Metamask BNB Casino

As for Binance Coin, I have two pieces of news: good and bad. The bad thing is that there is only one such casino. And the good thing is that it’s BC.Game!  This casino is famous for its in-house games with a very high RTP (99% and above), which attracts the attention of many players. The casino also has a large library of slots, live casinos, and table games. And since recently you can bet on sports. Also, BC.Game has a massive number of tokens and constantly adds new ones. Currently, 66 coins are available. But not all of them work with Metamask. If you’re still hesitant about this casino, here are some more pros:

Support of Metamask authorization.

Direct integration of Metamask for deposits.

Each user receives one daily free spin with the opportunity to win up to 1 BTC.

Other tokens supported by Metamask: ETH, MATIC.

Among the disadvantages of the casino are the following:

Lack of a stable welcome bonus.

The casino may require documents to verify your identity.

Welcome Bonus:

180% up to $20,000



How to start playing at a Metamask Casino?

If you are just entering the world of Metamask gambling, you need to prepare. This short guide will come in handy.

Step 1Install the Metamask extension on your web browser or application on your smartphone. Use this YouTube tutorial if you experience difficulties.
Step 2Create a wallet in Metamas
Step 3Buy ETH. Even if you are going to use another cryptocurrency to play in the casino, you still need Ether to cover the gas fee.
Step 4Transfer crypto to your MetaMask wallet.
Step 5Choose the casino from the list on this page and make a deposit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Crypto Casinos with Metamask

If you want to try Metamask casinos, it is essential to get acquainted with the pros and cons before starting. Here is a list of strengths and weaknesses that await you when using this crypto wallet in online casinos.


Fast registration and login.

Convenient deposits and withdrawals.

Contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency industry.


Still quite rare.

Ethereum is needed to cover fees.

Support just a few tokens.

Metamask Crypto Games

If you are looking for unique crypto gambling games requiring Metamask, I have to disappoint you. There are no such games. At least I couldn’t find them. So there are no metamask crypto slots, roulette, scratch cards, crash, dice, or any other games. But it doesn’t matter! You can play all the games that are available at your chosen casino. If you use Metamask for authorization or a deposit in the casino, it does not affect the set of games available to you.


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