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Last Updated: August 3, 2023

At (the “Website”), we respect the privacy of our users. We want to be as open and honest as we can about the data we gather from you and how we use it.

Please read the Privacy Policy in its entirety below. Here, we describe the procedures and resources we use to get personal data, how we utilize it, and if we share it with outside businesses. By visiting the website, you automatically agree with this policy.

1. General Rules​

1.1. The terms and guidelines the website adheres to protect the privacy of Our Users are outlined in this privacy notice. It explains the terms and conditions under which We obtain and handle your data and maintain its security and confidentiality.

1.2. The Website has the right to modify and update this Privacy Notice as it sees fit, and any modifications made shall be effective as of the day they are posted online on the website. You will be informed if this Privacy Notice undergoes any material changes.

2. Data Processing

2.1. We completely respect your fundamental rights and place a high premium on protecting Your data. As a result, We adhere to the fundamental guidelines listed below when processing Your Personal Data:

2.1.1 We only allow lawful and fair processing of Your Personal Data, and We uphold complete transparency on how We manage Your Personal Data.

2.1.2. We do not further treat Your Personal Data in any way that is inconsistent with the explicit, lawful, and defined purposes for which We collect and use it as described in this Privacy Notice.

2.1.3. We only use Your Personal Data for the purposes for which it was obtained and only to the extent that doing so is necessary and appropriate.

2.1.4. We take all necessary actions to promptly delete or correct it in the event of inaccuracy, and we make a good faith effort to ensure that Your Personal Data is accurate and, as needed, updated with relation to the purposes of the processing.

2.1.5. By implementing the necessary organizational and technical safeguards, we process Your Personal Data in a way that ensures its security.

2.2. In general, as the data controller for your personal data, we abide by all applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

3. Data we Collect

3.1 The following Personal Data is what we gather and handle:

  • Location (country, city);
  • Device;
  • Web Browser data;
  • Pages you visited;
  • Time on the website.

4. How We Use Data

4.1. To fulfill its obligations, the website may process Your Personal Data for the following purposes: 

  • administration and development of the website and the Services;
  • improvement of the website and the Services, including the provision of personalized Services;
  • creation of new products, utilities, and offerings; collection, processing, and conducting statistical and other research and analysis of information;
  • enhancement of user experience.

4.2. We may only handle Your Personal Data with Your lawful consent for the following purposes: 

  • conducting surveys for research purposes and user recruitment campaigns;
  • commercial communication;
  • marketing and promotion of Our Services or third-party services.

5. Data Security

5.1. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the website implements appropriate internal policies, takes all necessary organizational, technical, and procedural security measures, as well as adheres to technical standards to ensure the proper use and integrity of Your Personal Data and to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, processing, deletion, alteration, or other use.

5.2 We process Your Personal Data in a way that ensures confidentiality and security, taking into account the most recent advancements, implementation costs, the nature, scope, context, and purposes of the processing, as well as the risks to Your rights and freedoms that may be present depending on the situation.

5.3 Only authorized employees of the website who are subject to strict confidentiality obligations process your personal data.

6. Data Retention

6.1 In compliance with the data minimization and storage limitation principles, we retain Your Personal Data for as long as it takes to accomplish the pertinent processing goals described in this Notice. Your Personal Data is removed from Our databases and systems at the end of the retention period.

7. User Rights

7.1. You have the right to: 

  • Ask for a copy of Your Personal Data;
  • Request access to Your Personal Data and information regarding its processing;
  • You have the right to have any inaccurate personal information about you corrected or erased;
  • To ask that the processing of your personal information be restricted in situations where doing so is expressly permitted by law;
  • To protest a choice made that primarily relies on computerized processing, including profiling, and that either directly or significantly affects you.

7.2. You should send any demands related to Section 7.1 to

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