Provably Fair Aviator: Transparent Crash Game

Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Checked by: Milko Trajcevski

Have you ever wondered if the Aviator game cheats on you? Can it, on its side, make it so that users lose more often than intended? The answer is no. And you have the Provably Fair algorithm to thank for that. In today’s article, we will analyze in detail how the Provably Fair system works in Aviator and other games, and whether you can hack it.

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How does Provably Fair work in Aviator?

Provably fair is a tool that allows any player to verify if the bet results were fair and truly random. This algorithm is widespread among crypto casinos like BC.Game. The presence of games that support it is an indicator of a trustworthy brand.

The provably fair algorithm appeared a couple of years after the Bitcoin launch. Most likely, the first site using the algorithm was BitLotto. Players sent bitcoins to a special wallet, participating in the lottery. And although the way of working was different, the essence was the same. The main principles were preserved:

  • Every ticket purchased can be viewed by everyone.
  • All losses and winnings are recorded in the blockchain, where they cannot be edited.
  • After that, any of the participants can verify the result of the round using the hash of their transactions.

The phrase Provably Fair was not yet in use. The first mention of this particular term on the Bitcoitalk forum dates back to 2011.

First mentions of Provably Fair

Most modern Provably Fair systems, including Aviator’s, no longer use blockchain. Their work is based on a random number generator and function hashing.

In its work, the algorithm uses 3 main parameters:

  • Server Seed
  • Client Seed
  • Nonce

Provably Fair starts its work even before you hit the “BET” button. The random number generator produces the result of the round. The result turns into a server seed, which is then encrypted and revealed to the player in this form. Your browser, in turn, generates a client seed. The client seed in Aviator can be regenerated every new round or entered manually. Please take this opportunity and create a new seed. This will help avoid abuse of the algorithm by the casino.

Client and server seed information in Aviator

Nonce is a variable that increases by +1 with every round. In simple words, this is the number of your bets. All these parameters you can use to verify if the game’s outcome was fair.

The scheme of the provably fair algorithm setup

After you have made a bet, the Aviator’s server takes the client seed of the first 3 players + nonce, combines it with the server seed, and gives the round result as a 64-bit hash. The result is shown to the user as a number.

The round results generation in Provably Fair algorithm

After the round is over, the player receives the decrypted server seed. Now a user has all the necessary data to check the fairness of the round played.

After the round is over, the player receives the decrypted server seed. Now a user has all the necessary data to check the fairness of the round played.

First, you need to ensure that the received server seed matches the hashed seed provided by the game. To do this, use the SHA-256 hash calculator.

Once you have verified that both seeds match, you can calculate the round result yourself.

The results of the round in Aviator game

How to verify the round results in Aviator?

To understand whether the game has cheated us or not, you need to verify the results of the round. There is a unique tool called a checker or verifier. Using the data provided by the game, you can calculate the round result and make sure it was fair. Aviator has built-in verifiers. But you can check the game outcome yourself using third-party verifiers.

You can always go through the whole process yourself if you do not trust the in-house or third-party verifiers. The basic principle is described in the “How Provably Fair Works in Aviator​” section.

Provably Fair Exploit

Provably Fair HackUnfortunately, we must admit that the system is not as perfect as we would like. Its exploitation is possible both on the part of the players and on the part of the casino. But do not rush to rejoice and run to google ways to hack the algorithm. This is not so easy to do.

To hack the Provably Fair system in Aviator, you must have a deep knowledge of programming or mathematics, ideally both. Also, the algorithm is constantly evolving; the developers identify and eliminate various vulnerabilities. Every year the exploit becomes more difficult. Some gambling sites share their sad hacking experience. For example, Prime Dice told how a hacker managed to withdraw more than 2,400 bitcoins using the vulnerability of their system. But there is no public information about the Aviator game hack.

As for an exploit by a house, the most common type of deception is related to your client seed. If you do not change it over a large number of rounds, then the casino can use this and make the outcomes of the rounds lose for you. This is especially true for High Rollers. There is a topic describing the case in the Bitcasinotalk forum, but the original post from Reddit isn’t available anymore.

Provably Fair in fiat Casinos

Initially, the Probably Fair system was only available for crypto casinos. The problem lies in the fact that most fiat online casinos do not make their own software but use games developed by game providers. And since providers did not add such an algorithm to their games, the casinos did not have them either. But the situation is gradually changing. With the growing popularity of Provably Fair games such as Aviator, the algorithm becomes available to ordinary casino players.



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