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The reciprocal rights and obligations of users with regard to the use of the Site are outlined in these terms of use. We retain the right to modify these terms without giving users prior notice. Any changes to the terms will be displayed on the website and, as necessary, notified to users via email.


Because they serve as the foundation of our legal agreement with you to use our website, please read these terms and conditions carefully. In addition, we encourage you to read our Privacy and Cookie Policies.

1. Definitions

1.1 Featured terms in this Terms and Conditions have the following definitions:

✓The term Website refers to https://bitcasinorank.com/.

✓WeUs, and Our are plural first-person pronouns related to the website.

✓A natural or legal person who accesses and uses the website is referred to as a User. Additionally, second-person pronouns like You and Your are used to address users.

✓The term Content refers to a variety of data types, including but not limited to text, images, designs, videos, and audio.

2. General Terms

2.1 By using the website, you accept these terms of service, all applicable laws and regulations, and the responsibility for adhering to any local laws that may be in force in your area. 


2.2 The Website does not offer online gambling services; rather, it acts as a source of impartial information for people interested in playing at online casinos. Any information provided on the website is just for informational purposes and should never be regarded as legal advice.


2.3 Although we make every effort to ensure that the information displayed on the Website is correct, we cannot guarantee that it is due to the continuously evolving online gambling industry. We are not responsible for any harm caused by using the information on the website.


2.4 Links to other external third-party websites are present on the website. The Website has no control over and is not responsible for such third-party websites’ content. Before engaging in any gaming activities, we advise you to carefully read all the terms and conditions of the third-party websites.


2.5 The User, who is a natural person, affirms that they are at least 18 years old and of full legal age by accessing the Website. Anyone under the legal gambling age in the User’s jurisdiction, which is either 18 or the age at which access to the Website is prohibited, is not permitted. It is the User’s exclusive obligation to ascertain whether online gambling is permitted in their jurisdiction and to review any other applicable laws.


2.6 Please email us at info@bitcasinorank.com if the User discovers any errors in the information published on the Website or feels that the Website in any other way violates the laws of the User’s country. We aim to do everything in our power to abide by the laws of any nation from which users can access the Website.


2.7 Our intellectual property includes all material and logos used on the website by Bitcasinorank.com. The owners of the intellectual property rights to the logos and trademarks of online casinos, gaming platforms, and payment providers are the respective operators of these casinos, platforms, and payment services. We only use these trademarks and logos on the Website to refer to the services offered by the respective trademark owners (nominative fair use). The content may only be copied to other websites with active do-follow backlinks in the form of an HTML tag or with our prior consent. For example, on the Wikipedia.org website, articles and portions of the content may be reposted with the <a> HTML tag and no-follow backlinks.

Last updated on 12.11.2022