µBTC and mBTC Casinos. What’s the difference?

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

Checked by: Milko Trajcevski

With online casinos flourishing around the world, the popularity of Bitcoin gambling sites has also been on the rise. Bitcoin is the first and the most commonly used cryptocurrency today, and one Bitcoin costs thousands of dollars. Due to this fact, Bitcoin is transacted in fractions.

uBTC and mBTC are the units of measurement to simplify calculations. Let us tell you more about a uBTC casino and mBTC casino.

Bitcoin Casinos That Use uBTC And mBTC Format

uBTC Casino vs mBTC Casino

uBTC and mBTC formats enable users to acquire a certain percentage of the cryptocurrency and not necessarily buy the whole token. For our players new to mBTC and uBTC casino gaming, here’s more about these units and how they work at casinos.

A Bitcoin is divided into smaller units, called Sats or Satoshi, named after Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of this cryptocurrency. 1 Satoshi =0.00000001BTC, and 1 BTC includes 100 million Satoshis. 100 Satoshis is equivalent to 1 uBTC, and 100,000 Satoshis is equal to 1 mBTC.

uBTC is also called MicroBitcoin. It is a unit used for expressing one-millionth of a Bitcoin, i.e. 0.000001 of a Bitcoin. Likewise, mBTC represents millibitcoin and is described as 0.001 Bitcoin. Hence, 1 BTC= 1,000 mBTC or 1,000,000 uBTC. These make calculations of bets and wins easier.

uBTC casinos and mBTC casinos can be characterised by certain features. Let us check them out.

uBTC Casino vs mBTC Casino

Convenient Availability

You can easily set up your crypto wallets without complicated documentation to transact at online casinos. Moreover, uBTC and mBTC can be used from anywhere, unlike some fiat currency payment methods that may be restricted in some countries.

Smaller Stakes

With uBTC and mBTC casinos, you do not always have to stake big, as these casinos are designed to offer players the benefit of staking low. Many Bitcoin sites provide some of the best games in the industry for a minimum 1uBTC bet.

Ease of Conversion

Every casino may not offer your preferred currency. It means you must convert them and pay a certain conversion fee. There are no such issues at Bitcoin casinos. You can directly place a bet and withdraw winnings via BTC. Also, there are no or minimal transaction fees.

Advantages of uBTC and mBTC casino

My gaming experience at uBTC and mBTC casinos brings me to share some pros of playing at these sites. However, I prefer playing with uBTC casino. Let us check out the main advantages.

  • uBTC sites accept lower bets, and you can easily track your balance by converting it to fiat currency. mBTC is best for those who wish to place higher-valued bets.
  • At uBTC and mBTC casinos, you can enjoy instant transactions. Be it deposits for your bets or cashing out winnings, these casinos can have little risk of declining or delayed transactions.
  • You can access the entire suite of games when playing with uBTC or mBTC, just like at a regular casino. Some games, such as Crash games, are specially curated for Bitcoin users and allow you to test their fairness with Provably Fair technology.
  • You can use mBTC and uBTC for depositing and withdrawing in a Bitcoin casino as easily as with any cryptocurrency.
  • These offer anonymity and keep your transactions safe and secure.
  • Transacting in mBTC and uBTC assures transparency as these are recorded in a public ledger backed by foolproof Blockchain technology that cannot be tampered with.
  • Some top-rated casinos offer perks such as cashback and free spins for players using mBTC or uBTC as the payment option.

What Games can be Played in uBTC and mBTC Casinos?

From vivid themes, cutting-edge graphics and animations, wide betting limits and fantastic promotions, top-rated uBTC and mBTC casinos are a complete package.

The games library open to players at any uBTC or mBTC casino is enormous. These casinos offer some top-notch gaming titles. As per my personal experience, I found plenty of gaming categories to explore when playing at most crypto sites accepting uBTC or mBTC. These include:

  • Video slots
  • Table games such as Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat
  • Lottery games like Lotto, Keno, and Bingo
  • Crash games
  • Fishing games
  • Live Casino games

With uBTC and mBTC, even low rollers can place stakes in cryptocurrencies. High-rollers would love to exploit the maximum bets to win a fortune on their favourite games.

Types of uBTC and mBTC casino games

How do Deposit in uBTC and mBTC Casinos?

Depositing in a uBTC or mBTC casino is no rocket science. Although these cannot be purchased directly with fiat currencies, you can always use Bitcoin to buy some mBTC. You could also find uBTC as the base currency at some sites, adding to your convenience. You must have a crypto wallet like Metamask or Coinspaid to transact in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency can be bought from a decentralised crypto exchange. Some sites have an in-house facility to purchase cryptocurrency with fiat currencies using e-wallets, bank transfers, etc. Most uBTC casinos accept deposits from 100uBTC; you can spend a few dollars to buy it in your crypto wallet. Here’s how the deposit system works at most top-rated casinos.

  1. Visit a uBTC or mBTC casino to register as a player.
  2. Navigate to the deposits page.
  3. Copy the Bitcoin wallet address shared by the casino and send money to that address via your crypto wallet to make a deposit.
  4. Once the deposit is credited into your account, you can bet with real money on your favourite casino games using uBTC or mBTC.

Final Thoughts

Playing with mBTC or uBTC has many benefits. You can play anonymously and don’t need to submit any KYC. You can enjoy seamless accessibility and playability from anywhere. These casinos extend a massive collection of games, including popular slots, table games, crash games, live games and more, offering high RTP.

Further, these ensure instant deposits and prompt cashout. Not only is the registration process simple and easy, but you can also enjoy the privilege of enticing bonuses and promotions at these sites. Moreover, the milliBitcoin and microBitcoin sites that top the charts are all mobile-optimised platforms offering flawless gaming experiences for players on the go.

While the pros of playing at mBTC or a uBTC casino are many, some downsides include cryptocurrency volatility. While this can also work in your favour to earn big rewards, it can also bring huge losses. So, you must play cautiously.

While online casinos and the cryptocurrency world aren’t devoid of scams, we recommend only legitimate sites to prevent you from falling prey to rogue casinos.

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